What our Clients are Saying

“The Ranch daily menus are fresh, full of flavor, filling and the ultimate answer to eating healthy amid a hectic life and work schedule!! Having nutritious meals at my fingertips is priceless!” – K.M. 12/23/16 Pasadena, CA

“We have tried other vegan and vegetarian delivery services and they were just ok. The Ranch Daily is hands down by far the best. Food is amazing and so flavorful, portion size perfect, delivery service is amazing and super easy to prepare. You just heat then eat and your tummy is super satisfied.” – D&D 12/17/16 Montecito, CA

“Hands down the best delivery food I’ve ever had! Very fresh and flavorful.” – C.D. 12/16/16 Venice Beach, CA

“I feel amazing after two weeks of fresh, clean, delicious eating. And it was so easy! Thank you Ranch!” – J.S. 11/09/16 Laguna Beach, CA

“Receiving The Ranch Daily food each day was not only a healthy gift to myself but a time saving, delicious, satisfying treat. The food is appetizing, interesting, varied, well-seasoned, creative and beautifully presented. Now if they could only deliver me back to the Ranch.  Great job chefs – I felt amazing after dining with your lovingly prepared cuisine and can’t wait to order it again!” – J.M. 11/8/16 Palos Verdes Estates, CA

“I LOVED everything from the soup, granola, the flat pizza, amazing veggies, spaghetti and those walnut meatballs…all were fabulous. Oh, and the carob bar is to live for!  I will definitely take advantage of this service for its good, healthy food and NO fussing.” – L.N. 10/28/16 Palos Verdes Estates, CA

“My first experience was fantastic. The food was packaged in an eco-friendly manner which didn’t leave me with a zillion little containers to wash and recycle. Most importantly the food was AMAZING. So delicious, good looking and made my body feel incredible each time.” – D.B. 10/24/16 Beverly Hills, CA

“I was impressed from the moment my meals were delivered. I leave my house early each morning and happy to have found the meals already at our doorstep. Beautifully packaged and prepared and of course, a delicious variety my favorite meals at The Ranch.”  – R.L. 10/17/16 Thousand Oaks, CA

“This diet is not only amazing, but for me it has been a new lifestyle – I feel more energized than ever! I loved every little bit of it; starting with the perfect delivery, which was always at my doorstep early in the morning, to the quality of the food which was impeccable. Although I am not 100% vegan, after experiencing this program if I never had meat again, I’d be just fine. The perfectly seasoned food, led me to crave more, and every single meal was precisely portioned to leave me happy and satisfied…” – C.F. 10/14/16 Calabasas, CA

“The Ranch Daily is incredible. I don’t miss the meat or dairy on their Vegan program – everything is so satisfying. They take favorites like pizza and enchiladas and put their own delicious spin on them. I could eat the Burrito Bowl and Pad Thai every single day. I feel great and very well nourished.”  – M.L. 10/14/16 Studio City, CA

“I love the Ranch Daily food! The quality of the nutrient dense organic vegan meals is extraordinary. I love the diversity of the menu and the volume of food you prepare for me daily. It is also evident how thoughtful and caring the culinary team is. The food presentation is five star. I have been enjoying the meals for two months and feel great. My weight loss has been a huge bonus too.”  – W.G. 10/7/16 Pacific Palisades, CA

“As a non-vegan, I can confidently say that I could easily assimilate the Ranch Daily into my routine on a regular basis. It’s convenient, delicious, and provides a great complement to an active, healthy, on-the-go lifestyle.”  – D.F. 9/14/16 Santa Monica, CA

“All super tasty plant-based foods delivered to my front door in a cute carrying bag that basically doubles as a refrigerator. In my experience with #TheRanchDaily was conveniently transformational! It felt a little like being back in the greenhouse at The Ranch 4.0!”  – C.G. 10/11/16 West Hollywood, CA

“I love this meal delivery service! I am a new vegan so this experience was such a pleasure. The fact that the food is also organic is a huge plus for me. Everything tastes fresh, it’s filling, and delicious! The food doesn’t make you miss dairy and meat, or eggs. Even if you’re not vegan, this food will shock you. I had my family trying bites of everything and they were very impressed! The only bad part of this meal service is when it’s over.”  – K.W. 8/12/16 Woodland Hills, CA

“I have done pretty much every delivery service in LA, including ones not based in LA and now that I’ve had a full week now under my belt, can honestly say that this is the best there is. The food is amazing, tastes just as fresh as it does when you are at the Ranch, and I can feel afterward that the quality is top notch. Chef Nina and her team they are doing a great job. And the delivery, packaging, even the email that comes at the same time every day is really well done – super professional and consistent. Not all delivery services are this streamlined, especially from the get-go.” – S.G. 8/10/16 Pacific Palisades, CA

“I have so little time to shop and cook, it was tough to keep healthy. Waking up every day to these fresh, delicious, and very healthy meals is a life-changer. And I’m obsessed with the snacks!”  – J.S. 6/13/16 Malibu, CA

“By far the freshest and healthiest meal delivery service in LA area. Loved the unique daily snacks and personalized service! Top notch!” – S.S. 6/12/16 Los Angeles, CA

“I’m a new vegan and every meal made this new journey a pleasurable experience. On my 5-day meal plan I felt more energized, full after my meals, and satisfied. I also lost 4 pounds! Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater, I guarantee you will be amazed by this food.”  – J.C. 7/15/16 Newport Beach, CA

“I know it’s only day 3 but I love, love, love The Ranch Daily.”  – T.L. 8/10/16 Manhattan Beach, CA

“Each meal was fresh, perfectly seasoned, and literally made my mouth water. I would recommend this meal delivery service to anyone who wants great quality food and wants a jumpstart on a healthy lifestyle.”  – K.W. 6/16/16 Ventura, CA

“The time I am saving on food prep and shopping is allowing me to spend more quality time with my loved ones and is putting healthy, plant based meals in front of my family for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Where have you been all my life, Ranch Daily?!!”  – M.N. 6/13/16 Seal Beach, CA

“After staying at The Ranch I was amazed at the quality and variety of vegan deliciousness they could come up with! With The Ranch Daily it was nice to take a break from cooking for myself and to know that I will still get clean, healthy, organic, nourishing food!”  – A.K. 6/11/16 San Diego, CA

“I honestly forgot that The Ranch Daily is a vegan program. As someone who eats animal protein daily I didn’t even notice that there wasn’t meat, or dairy for that matter, in any of meals. I felt full and satisfied throughout my entire 5 day program, even though I worked out hard every day. I also lost 5 pounds!”  – C.N. 7/6/16 Beverly Hills, CA