THE RANCH DAILY knows its plants + vegetables. Our team has been cooking with plant proteins for more than 20 years and is passionate about delivering complete, nutrient-dense meals with an element of surprise.  Influenced by The Ranch’s certified organic Malibu farm and culled from tried-and-trending favorites of our guests, daily menus are playful + powerful.  Our inventive meals require little to no preparation so that eating healthy, delicious food is both easy and accessible, offering you the gift of time.

And be assured meals and snacks are always:


Nutrient-Rich and Plant-Based

THE RANCH DAILY menu is anchored in organic, plant-based foods packed with protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, texture and taste.  You will feel satiated and build muscle through seeds, nuts, legumes, pulses and vegetables high in absorbable protein, and aid the digestive system in detoxifying the body through our fiber-rich meals.  Special attention is also given to how ingredients work together.  A dash of extra virgin olive oil enhances the body’s absorption of Vitamin C in kale, while cooking beans with vegetables helps to increase or replace minerals lost during the heating process.  This thoughtful approach enhances the overall quality of your meals, maximizing nutritional benefits, texture and flavor.

Seasonally Inspired

Our meals are created with vegetables, fruits and herbs that are happily in season, at the height of their nutrition.  blueberriesAs such, fresh, flavorful and vibrant cuisine is the order of the day.  Expect a rainbow of colors and nutrients in your daily delivery to fuel the body and delight the senses. Our chefs? Inspired by nature’s change, they have a serious passion for food.  Ingredients are sourced locally from the finest organic purveyors.  We promise some oomph, too. Food—including nature’s peak performers, like mushrooms, blueberries, and quinoa—should be fun.

Innovative Approach

Our team is dedicated to building familiar flavors through plant-based cuisine while also creating new trends in the industry. Entrees include globally inspired dishes like Black Bean and Kale Enchiladas Verdes and hearty Pizza Pesto. Snacks?kale Kale may have been king, yet our chefs are continually innovating the next healthy and creative go-to, such as “Cheezy” Brussels Sprouts Chips, dehydrated to perfection. We do the work to build you the perfect bite, so your palate is grateful and your health is happy.

Complete Meals

cashewsBalance is key in all of the dishes we create and prepare. Protein is integral, yet complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids are crucial in obtaining a full spectrum of nutrients. We view carbohydrates, essential fats and proteins as a “whole,” with all of these health supporters equally, and tastefully, at the forefront.   The rainbow of foods on our daily menu offers you complete nutrition, while also providing enjoyment, flavor and satiety. View a sample day on our program to see just what we mean.

Conscious Cooking

Our chefs carefully consider how ingredients are prepared to support your overall health.  We incorporate a blend of the most advanced (sous vide and slow cooking) and the most ancient (dehydration and air cooking) preparation methods to gain the greatest nutritional benefits and flavor from each ingredient. While cooking is generally thought of as something done with heat, we incorporate heat and non-heat methods of cooking that are century-plus years old. We choose to cook—or ‘uncook’—based on balance.  The result? Delicious meals with maximum nutrient density and minimal impact to the quality of the ingredients being used.

Curated Calories

ALL CALORIES AREN’T CREATED EQUAL. There are a lot of opinions on the “right” amount of calories one should consume per day. THE RANCH DAILY offers a range of calories supported by scientific, peer-reviewed articles and progressive thought. asparagusMeal plans average around 1750 (three meals, two snacks and a side salad) and 1400 (lunch, dinner, two snacks and a side salad) calories per day, but our focus is on the quality of the calories we use rather than the quantity.  We incorporate a blend of cooking techniques and ingredients to gain the greatest nutrient density from food rather than for the sake of counting calories.  Clean, whole ingredients and healthy sources of fats and proteins in our daily menus optimize your body’s efficiency and produce vibrant health effects from the inside out.

Care & Delivery

Your meals and snacks are created with ingredients that travel well, so they look as good as they taste. Made by our chefs less than 24 hours before you receive them, meals are meticulously packaged in certified compostable containers and plastic made from environmentally-friendly PLA. Our signature Ranch Daily insulated cooler bag arrives on your doorstep before 6 am each morning, poised to fuel and nourish you throughout your busy day.

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