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or 844-867-2624 if you don’t find your answer below.

General Questions

The 3+2 plans provides your full day’s nutrition – breakfast, lunch and dinner + 2 snacks + 1 side salad.
The 2+2 plan does not include breakfast.

On The Ranch Daily you are committing to an entire day of meals, either breakfast, lunch and dinner or lunch and dinner. Each program includes two snacks and a side salad. We do not offer back up meals or substitutions, so please select the days that match your preferences and palate.

All orders for The Ranch Daily are placed through the purchase of day packages. Days are sold in packages of 1, 3 and 5 for each type of meal plan (2+2 or 3+2).  One day packages are limited to new clients.  Each day in your package is equal to one day of meals. The Ranch Daily works with your schedule not ours, so use your days however you’d like—Monday-Friday. There is no minimum weekly order and days do not need to be used all at one time or on consecutive days.

The 3+2 plan is $89/day and the 2+2 plan is $79/day. All prices include delivery.

No, but if you’d like to transfer your days to someone else, please contact customer service at support@theranchdaily.com.

Yes!  First-time clients are able to purchase one day of either plan to try the food and see what it’s like to have us shop, prepare and deliver healthy meals to your doorstep .  After that we feel consistency is key. We want you to experience the benefits of changing your diet and offer 3 and 5 day packages only in order to maximize both results and flexibility. Trust us with your nutrition.


You’ll need to place your order about 72 hours in advance of the desired delivery date.  The chart below details our order deadlines.


Yes, if your schedule is consistent you can auto-renew your order by selecting “AUTO-RENEW MY PLAN EACH WEEK” prior to checkout in your account. Your selected days will then carry over to the next week. Your package renews automatically when your meal balance falls to 0 days. If you choose to auto-renew your purchase weekly, you will be charged 72 hours in advance of your next scheduled delivery.

The benefit of signing up for our auto-renew program is that you receive delicious meals week after week without the hassle of having to place individuals orders. For us to place your order for you we need to have your credit card on file.

No, The Ranch Daily works with your schedule not ours, so use your days however you’d like—Monday-Friday. There is no minimum weekly order and days do not need to be used all at one time or on consecutive days.

Yes. We can deliver multiple meal plans to the same address. Each client will still receive his/her own cooler bag to take with them for the day. For deliveries going to multiple addresses each order would need to be placed individually. To place a group order please contact support@theranchdaily.com or 844-867-2624.

If you are on our manual plan and have a credit card saved in your account the “Quick Buy” button makes it easy for you to add days to your account by bypassing the formal checkout process and adding your selected package in just one click!

You cannot switch between the two meals plans in the same week but can apply remaining days to the other plan on future orders. If you elect to move from the 3+2 to the 2+2 meal plan, you’ll receive a credit to your account. If you change from the 2+2 to the 3+2 meal plan, you will see the difference in price before approving the purchase.

No, if you have remaining days in your account we will remind you via email to place your order for the following week.

You can change your order up until the cutoffs times detailed in the chart below directly to the weekly menu, in the “my account” page under upcoming orders, or by calling customer service at 844-867-2624 or support@theranchdaily.com.


Following these cutoffs, adjustments must be made by contacting customer service directly.

You can cancel your order up to 72 hours prior to your delivery in the “My Account” page or by contacting customer service at 844-867-2624 or support@theranchdaily.com.

You can pause your order at any time in your account by going to upcoming orders and selecting the pause button or by contacting customer service at support@theranchdaily.com or 844-867-2624.

You must cancel within 72 hours in order to receive credit for your days and stop delivery service. After 72 hours do we charge in full, although you may still transfer the meal to an alternative delivery address if within our service area by calling customer service 844-867-2624 or emailing support@theranchdaily.com.


All meals placed within the 72-hour time frame will be delivered to your door by 6 a.m. on the chosen day of delivery.  Given delivery routes you may even receive your meal in the late evening prior to your selected delivery day.

No, our drivers will be delivering your freshly made meals in the middle of the night. At checkout we ask for detailed delivery instructions on where to leave your bag so we don’t disturb your evening and your meal plan is ready for you in the morning. If you are not home to receive your order in the morning we do recommend that you or someone else collects it before 8am and places it in a refrigerator to ensure freshness.

We currently serve Southern California. We deliver to Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. View a full list of the cities currently in our service area.

No, we deliver Monday through Friday. We expect you, and our kitchen team, to relax on weekends!

Your selected plan will be in one insulated Ranch cooler bag. Each meal will be individually packaged in certified compostable containers.

We ask that you leave your Ranch Daily cooler bags (with the ice packs still inside the interior pockets of the bag) where you receive your delivery and our drivers will pick them up on their next drop off. If your program is coming to an end and you would like to purchase one or more bags, you may do so for $25 each, not including tax. Please note, unreturned cooler bags will be charged to the card on file at the same price of $25 each.

Yes, all meals are packaged in containers that are certified compostable. All plastic containers are PLA-based.


Meals are prepared by our chefs the day before you receive them, approximately 12 hours before they are delivered.

We suggest you keep meals in the refrigerator prior to enjoying. Most items come ready to eat but instructions are always included on anything that requires additional prep, Just remove any and all plastic lids or plastic sauce containers before heating.

Your snacks are meant to give you an extra boost of nutrition during the day, while curbing hunger. We recommend enjoying your first snack about 3 hours after breakfast and your second snack 3 hours after lunch, however feel free to enjoy one of our sweet treats after dinner if you are missing dessert.

The side salad is meant to offer an additional dose of greens to add to lunch or dinner. Enjoy as you please!

Meals arrive fresh and we recommend you eat them on the same day. We do understand plans can change and as such items keep up to two days in the fridge.

In order to maximize the nutritional benefits of your meals we recommend reheating by oven, not microwave. We know this isn’t always possible and as such our containers are both oven and microwave safe, just remove any and all plastic lids or plastic sauce containers before heating. Keep in mind zapping meals will zap nutrients too.

About Our Food

We offer daily meal plans that average 1750 calories per day for our 3+2 option and 1400 calories per day for our 2+2 plan, yet our focus remains on the quality of calories used, not the quantity.

We list all ingredients for each meal or snack so you can choose according to any specific dietary requirements. Please note our kitchen uses nuts and although we use best practices in preparing our meals, cross contamination may occur and we cannot promise the complete absence of allergens. As a 100% plant based company, we do not use eggs, dairy, meat or shellfish. However, the Ranch Daily is not intended for anyone with severe allergies.

Our chefs use fresh, locally-sourced organic ingredients from organic, Southern California purveyors. Our local farms practice sustainable techniques that do not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs.

We select the highest quality, organic produce from the finest local purveyors, however, on occassion we may substitute ingredients due to seasonality or lack of availability. In such cases we will always notify you via email and you can change your order free of charge, even if this falls within our 72 cancellation window by contacting support@theranchdaily or 844-86-RANCH.

Our meals change with the season. Every 90 days we will unveil a new set of unique daily menus. Not to worry about missing something you loved, we will always include your and our favorite dishes, often with a seasonal twist.

Our team of expert chefs have been preparing food with plant-based proteins for years. Special attention is given to how ingredients work together to increase the nutritional quality of your meal.  We cook with a bounty of plant-based proteins, including seeds, nuts, legumes, pulses and vegetables high in absorbable protein. Balance is key in all of the dishes we create and prepare. Protein is integral, yet complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids are crucial in obtaining a full spectrum of nutrients.

Yes, every Ranch Daily meal and snack is gluten free.

Yes, every Ranch Daily meal and snack is vegan.

Whole, un or minimally processed foods will complement your Ranch Daily plan. We also offer an A La Carte menu, which includes our signature Ranch Bites, Greens, and Granola. Click HERE to see our powerful, plant-based pick-me-ups.

We select the highest quality, organic produce from the finest local purveyors, however, on occassion we may substitute ingredients due to seasonality or lack of availability. When doing so, we strive to maintain our standard of using only organic and non-GMO products. In some instances, we source specialty products from regions outside of North America, whose regulatory standards may differ from those in the United States and can not be fully vetted. In those cases, we rely on the purveyors’ reputation and our own research.

Additional Health Questions

Please consult your physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Our meals are meant to nourish you or your family, regardless of age. Our team of chefs ensure delicious nutrition, however our meals are not specifically geared toward children, and are not intended for someone with severe allergies.  We recommend consulting your physician before changing your child’s diet.

The Ranch Daily is not specifically designed as a weight loss program, however, after witnessing years of results working with guests of The Ranch, the benefits of fueling your body through minimally processed, whole foods can often lead to weight loss.

Where to begin? Our approach to health and wellness will result in a more balanced you. You can expect to feel nourished, from the inside out. By eating our nutrient rich, plant-based meals, you will have energy while potentially losing weight, too. You will feel better, your sleep will most likely be affected in a positive way and your skin will thank you, too.

We also offer the gift of time by taking the burden of shopping, cooking and cleaning off of our clients. In the short term, this further enhances the quality of your daily life, while in the long term it positively impacts your overall health and well being.

Hear more about what to expect from our clients HERE.

The Ranch Daily is not a specific diet. At The Ranch we eliminate caffeine entirely to help your body establish a baseline so you may see the true affects of reintroducing something like caffeine into your system. With The Ranch Daily you have the option to do the same but if you want to enjoy your coffee, please do so, just drink in moderation!

Water is best, we recommend about as many ounces as your weight in pounds. Limit sugary drinks and anything with artificial sweeteners.

Absolutely! The Ranch Daily is a meal delivery program, and a lifestyle in regards to nutrition. While we offer fully integrated wellness programs at The Ranch Malibu and The Ranch 4.0, The Ranch Daily focuses specifically on your nutrition. If you are looking for activities to complement your new program, start with hiking, low impact strength classes and/or yoga, which are all core elements of our retreats. Regardless we encourage you to “MOVE YOUR BODY!”