Our philosophy is simple

HEALTH…THE ULTIMATE LUXURY™ should be approachable. Following years of results at our internationally regarded wellness programs THE RANCH MALIBU and THE RANCH 4.0, THE RANCH DAILY perpetuates our vision for longevity in health + wellness.

Nature is our inspiration, be it raising joyful goats, chickens and bees on our organic farm, or celebrating nature’s bounty with a seasonal menu. Mirroring our vision for THE RANCH MALIBU, the ingredients that anchor our wellness programs and our nutrient-rich meals must have integrity. Research and care has been strategically stirred, sous-vide-d and baked into your daily delivery. We believe your body is a high performance work of art, so feed it the finest fuel.  We nourish you from the inside out, and let nature do the heavy lifting. There’s a reason nature changes its course periodically. Your body should do the same, boosting your mind + spirit along the way.

Our Philosophy is Simple Photo Collage
Daily Values

Our Kitchen Staff

NINA CURTIS, Executive Chef for THE RANCH MALIBU and Chief Nutrition Officer for THE RANCH DAILY

As Chief Nutrition Officer for THE RANCH DAILY, Nina leads all recipe and menu development and oversees ongoing testing based on the daily feedback from our Ranch guests. Her inspired Ranch Daily menus are anchored in 17 years of experience crafting plant-based cuisine. Nina ensures all products and ingredients used in our Ranch Daily meals meet The Ranch’s strict nutritional standards, including vegan, non-GMO, and organic. Nina has been at the forefront of researching and cooking with plant proteins. “Everything created for The Daily stems from THE RANCH,” Nina explains. “I’m a teacher. My message is through food.”

Nina Curtis Mushrooms

I like variety, so all of them!

Mushrooms. There are so many different types and each has a distinctively different taste and texture. I love cooking with them.

My chef’s knife…it’s all in the ‘cut’!


MEREDITH HAAZ, Chef for THE RANCH 4.0 and Contributing Chef for THE RANCH DAILY

As a Contributing Chef to THE RANCH DAILY, Meredith provides ongoing support with recipe suggestions and plant-based trends, based on her experience with THE RANCH 4.0 guests. Meredith believes that every meal should be an occasion, and uses her passion for food and healthy cooking to plan and prepare delicious vegetarian meals that will sustain guests throughout the day. At THE RANCH 4.0, Haaz enjoys interacting with guests and opening their eyes to the impact of a plant-based, nutrient-rich diet. Her weekly cooking classes are a highlight of each session, where she educates guests on the nutritional value of meals, teaching simple tricks on how to trim empty fats and calories without losing flavor.


Vegetable Lasagna! Forget all other lasagna, this is the best.

Black bean pasta, it’s full of protein, gluten-free and delicious.

A Microplane zester is essential. It not only zests citrus, but can finely grate everything from garlic, ginger and onion to nutmeg and nuts.


CHEF PATTI BARDALES, Chef and Production Manager for THE RANCH DAILY

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Patti was immersed in food and culture at an early age. Her Mexican mother and Guatemalan father greatly influenced her style of cooking.  She discovered plant-based cuisine combing local farmers markets and crafting her own gardens. As she started adding more vegetables to her own plate, she taught both community and family about the health benefits of vegetables.  She has worked alongside Executive Chef Nina Curtis for two years at THE RANCH MALIBU, honing her cooking skills and learning more about plant-based fare.

Patricia now manages THE RANCH DAILY team, overseeing day-to-day culinary operations and ensuring recipes are deliciously executed and packaged to mirror the culinary experience at THE RANCH MALIBU. Patricia believes that by locally sourcing our food we, in turn, celebrate community and each other.


I love the Oyster Mushroom Lettuce Cups.

Turmeric, for its healing properties and beautiful yellow hue.

I cannot live without my Vitamix. It’s my go to for creating sauces, smoothies, tonics, and even ice cream.

Alex & Sue



As co-founder of THE RANCH, Alex Glasscock channels his passion for healthy and balanced living as the guiding principles in building the brand, which began with THE RANCH MALIBU, an immersive fitness and wellness program in Malibu, California. As CEO, Alex guides all aspects of growth and expansion, and is responsible for the strategic planning and evolution of the concept. This has included the launch of THE RANCH 4.0, a four-day version of the program at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village and California Health and Longevity Institute, the release of a 100-percent organic, plant-based cookbook, and now the introduction of THE RANCH DAILY, a leading edge offering of daily meals to support ongoing health and wellness at home.

Alex is involved in several wellness research initiatives focusing on preventative care and bridging the gap between Western medicine and Eastern wellness modalities. He is an Ambassador in the Global Wellness Institute, and through this non-profit remains at the forefront of this growing intersection between the medical, wellness, and hospitality industries.

The smoothies with Ranch Greens in the mornings, wraps on-the-go for lunch, and lasagna, pizzas, and veggie burgers for dinner (but not all entrees at once!)

Supporting The Ranch Culinary Team to create recipes and meals that transcend traditional food flavor, texture, and aesthetic.


SUE GLASSCOCK, Co-Founder + Chief Creative Director

Sue Glasscock co-founded THE RANCH MALIBU with her husband, Alex. The couple’s passion for healthy and balanced living through outdoor activities and appreciation for nature were the guiding principles in creating this unique fitness and wellness program. As Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director, Sue’s vision for THE RANCH MALIBU was to design a luxurious environment where guests can find relaxation and serenity after an intensive day of physical activity.

At THE RANCH DAILY, Sue provides crucial direction on the overall presentation of meals, including the packaging and design to ensure meals arrive at your door and on your plate as they would at THE RANCH. Sue’s background in design—specializing in organic, sustainable vegetable garden planning—allows her to offer additional insight into the sourcing and utilization of local ingredients to optimize their wellness programs.

Sue remains an exemplary model of “Ranch Life,” maintaining an active and wholesome lifestyle. She takes pleasure in engaging with Ranch guests, whether joining a morning hike or dropping in for a yoga or weight training session.

Sue and Alex have been married for 25 years and currently reside on THE RANCH with their two dogs Max and Clara, three goats, five beehives and twenty-four chickens.



The enchiladas. They are crazy fabulous!

Our baby dwarf Nigerian goat girls named Peanut, Basil, and Blue. They’re an unending circle of joy and curiosity, and have hysterical bouncing races around the field! They are a big hit every week with the guests partaking in the garden tour and show them just how to let go and have fun.